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Morgan A. Farrell

Co-founder of Viaduct Research Labs LTD

World-leading teacher of Remote Viewing (RV), Morgan began studying Controlled Remote Viewing in 2011, and the following year, began formal training in the Learn Remote Viewing (RV) method. He was personally vetted, assessed, and trained by first-generation remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames (US Army, ret.).

In the interest of continued learning, Morgan has since studied additional disciplines and applications, including associative remote viewing (ARV), extended remote viewing (ERV), and technical dowsing (TD).



Jason Webb

Director / Co-Founder of Viaduct Research Labs LTD


20+ years' experience in the Maritime Electronics industry as a technician, project management, design manager. Specializing in systems design and problem-solving across many types of different areas including Radio, subsea acoustics, GPS navigation. His expertise covers many industries such as private, business, government and military.  A Remote Viewing problem-solving specialist.

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