Who is MindMush?

MindMush is a company dedicated to the advancement and proliferation of life-changing advanced problem solving tools, including Remote Viewing (RV), Dowsing, and more.


To achieve or vision by providing unique and high quality learning materials with excellent value and support, while operating under open, fair, and friendly principles.


To assist in the facilitation of a world in which advanced perceptual technologies are recognized and utilized in the progress of our species as a whole, through the personal empowerment and independence these technologies can provide.

Welcome to MindMush!

We are a group who are fascinated with the power of human potential – particularly in the realm of perception and intuition. We seek to harness and expand these natural human capabilities, and to apply them in our daily lives. how we can all use them in our daily lives.

Our Website aims to provide you with educational tools: articles on professional Remote Viewing projects, online home-study materials, web-based games / applications, and details of our professional consulting work.

Our goal is to open your mind to the skills you possess, and for you to experience them for yourself.

Our journey began many years ago and MindMush is the accumulation of countless hours of tireless work to bring the most modern, accessible, and easy-to-use advanced problem solving tools to you.

Have fun. We hope you enjoy.


The MindMush Team

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