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Learn Remote Viewing


01/11/2019 | 4 minutes

In our endeavor to bring the most advanced problem solving tool into the mainstream we are now offering our professional Remote Viewing Introduction Course for just $19

Learn this fantastic tool today and it will change your life.

For details and a link to the course click here.



RV: The Unbiased, All-Knowing Business Mentoring Tool


15/09/2018 | 6 minutes

Remote Viewing and its associated applications can be a powerful tool for your business.  All it takes is a little understanding of how Remote Viewing works and whether you want to take time to learn the techniques involved so you can use it yourself. The other option is to outsource it to a team of dedicated professionals at MindMush and leave the problem solving to them.

The advantage of the later is that you can free up your valuable time and resources to focus on the day to day running of your business.
How can Remote Viewing help your business or organization?



Tom’s Respiratory Problem - Case Study


01/07/2018 | 2 minutes

Tom’s respiratory problem. A case study to find the cause:

Tom had been having severe breathing problems for a few months. His description of the issue was as follows:

“I have loss of breath and struggling to reach a breath. Sore lungs and a little pain on the left side in my ribs. It gets worse with physical activity”

What is RV?


02/10/2017 | 1 minutes

What is Remote viewing?

Remote viewing in its simplest form is, sensing with the mind.

This is achieved by using a structured methodology designed to stimulate the innate “Super Powers” of your unconscious mind to help solve real world problem sets.

MindMush Professional Services – Case Study


03/08/2017 | 7 minutes

In this example, a client was having difficulty in defining what products they should be marketing in another country where one of their business partners resided.

They understood that local knowledge would be an advantage; however, the question was; what product or services would provide the optimal return on their investment?



The torment of choosing my childs school! - Case Study


02/08/2017 | 12 minutes

Remote Viewing - Optimum Primary School Choice

We live in a small town of 30,000 people in England and generally all the primary schools which our daughter would be eligible to attend are small (total of 100-300 students, aged 4-11). Most are considered “Outstanding” or “Good” by the Government Education inspectors and there are a few which are pretty awful.

We had a dilemma in choosing our daughter's first school because our home is out of the catchment areas for automatic selection to all the well-reputed schools. We kept being told we lived in a “no-man’s land” and the head teachers at our 3 nearest schools all said that in the past 10 years we wouldn’t have been offered a place.

Remote Viewing Personal Health - Case Studies


02/08/2017 | 13 minutes

Originally designed in the late 20th century strictly as a spy tool for United States intelligence services, remote viewing has since evolved into a powerful general-purpose problem-solving tool. This article focuses on a more personal application of remote viewing: that of individual health.