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RV: The Unbiased, All-Knowing Business Mentoring Tool


15/09/2018 | 6 minutes

Remote Viewing and its associated applications can be a powerful tool for your business.  All it takes is a little understanding of how Remote Viewing works and whether you want to take time to learn the techniques involved so you can use it yourself. The other option is to outsource it to a team of dedicated professionals at MindMush and leave the problem solving to them.

The advantage of the later is that you can free up your valuable time and resources to focus on the day to day running of your business.
How can Remote Viewing help your business or organization?

Remote Viewing (Remote Viewing) has a limitless number of practical applications.  By far one of its most valuable assets is to complement standard business operations. Remote Viewing is suitable for everyone and every type of business.

Need a small problem solved? Need some guidance in a decision-making process or a more strategic business focus direction?   Remote Viewing and the team at MindMush can help you achieve all of this.

Remote Viewing (RV) offers the helping hand, the unbiased "all-knowing” consultation service for your business.  Ask any question and your Remote Viewing results will be exactly what you need to hear - not what you want.  As Remote Viewing is unbiased, it may not be the confirming friend who agrees with your every idea. Remote Viewing will give you the answer truthfully, even if you don’t like it!  In other words, don’t expect the result to be what you want - this is most certainly not a self-affirmation tool. The result will be an exact, unfiltered and objective rendered output for you to use to make sound business decisions from.

You don’t have to agree with the Remote Viewing result. You may decide to go against the results provided through Remote Viewing - but at least you will have a reliably objective second opinion to keep yourself honest!

Let’s look at some concepts of how you can use Remote Viewing in your business; some ideas to get you thinking about how it can, and has, been used by others.
1.       Let’s look at Remote Viewing as a decision-making tool:  what business direction should you take?  What is the primary product you should design or manufacture? How do you achieve the most sales volume of your product offering and in what market?  How do maximize the margin on the products or services offered?

2.       Remote Reviewing has unrealized potential in HR and can help alleviate the sometimes nightmare of screening and choosing great staff, be it the new CEO or even a volunteer?  Remote Viewing you can screen each individual person irrelevant of their CV, getting straight to the truth of who they are, and whether they will be an asset to your organization.

Imagine, Remote Viewing to headhunt your optimum new Corporate Manager or reveal; Is this position justifiable!

3.       What about health and safety?  Using Remote Viewing can help identify any potential issues before they occur.

4.       Remote Viewing can influence strategic decisions for your business. For example, Is the current location of your business the right one?  Is the Logistics and overall business Performance performing to expectations, or are there areas that require intervention?

5.       Are your company’s values and visions the correct ones?  How do you staff relate to these? Perhaps you need to refocus to get your staff more engaged. Remote Viewing is the perfect tool to help in determining what the most effective course of action to take.

6.        Do you have an engineering, R&D design or prototype problem you just can’t solve?  Are your scientists or engineers are just scratching their heads to solve the problem and your deadline is rapidly approaching?  Remote Viewing will immediately identify the problem and help in providing the right solution.  It might well be that it involves a complete re-think of the problem.

7.       Are you getting the most from your current supplier?  Are you getting the best price and on-time deliveries?  Remote Viewing can help you identify potential alternative suppliers.

8.       Need to re-negotiate that new contract?  Not sure how to achieve this! Remote Viewing can help you gain an insight into employing the best strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

9.       Does your business or organisation meet current of future environmental protocols?  This is fast becoming the number one issue!  Remote Viewing is a valuable tool to help you make the right environmental choices.

The opportunities for Remote Viewing to make a difference to your business or organization are limitless.  Whether its marketing or legal, Remote Viewing can provide the solution you were looking for.

Remember; there’s a Remote Viewing solution for virtually every aspect of your business.

Here at MindMush we acknowledge that we aren’t experts in every field of business, however by understanding and utilising all the tools relating to Remote Viewing we are able to maximize its full potential.  This in turn will add immense value to your business.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask someone at MindMush. We are not just Remote Viewers!  We have several decades of experience conducting business across many sectors of industry.  We have completed a wide array of Remote Viewing projects helping various organizations solve problems and look ahead to the future with renewed confidence.

MindMush Team