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The torment of choosing my childs school! - Case Study


02/08/2017 | 12 minutes

Remote Viewing - Optimum Primary School Choice

By James Anderson, United Kingdom

We live in a small town of 30,000 people in England and generally all the primary schools which our daughter would be eligible to attend are small (total of 100-300 students, aged 4-11). Most are considered “Outstanding” or “Good” by the Government Education inspectors and there are a few which are pretty awful.

We had a dilemma in choosing our daughter's first school because our home is out of the catchment areas for automatic selection to all the well-reputed schools. We kept being told we lived in a “no-man’s land” and the head teachers at our 3 nearest schools all said that in the past 10 years we wouldn’t have been offered a place.

All the good/outstanding schools were over-subscribed by 5 or 10 times in previous years by parents hoping to get their kids in and as we live comparatively far away from most, we were concerned that even if we put our top 3 choices down being the closest schools, the likelihood of our daughter getting in one of them was very slim and she'd likely end up being placed somewhere poorly rated which was a worrisome prospect. Our chances were further reduced by children with siblings in older years being offered places first, then children in care or those with disabilities. Things didn’t look good.

With such an important decision to make and the outcome being a complete lottery that was out of hands, I wanted to use Remote Viewing to establish which would be the optimum school choice for our daughter to attend, one where she would definitely be offered a place.

I’ve worked with MindMush several times over the past few years and know that Morgan gives great advice in setting up the target to RV and that he’s incredibly meticulous and thorough with his work.

I’d visited 9 of our closest primary schools and narrowed them down to 6 that I’d have been very happy were our daughter to be offered a place. Three of them were our closest schools and the other 3 were much further afield.

I wanted to know if one or more of the schools were to be under-subscribed, which would be the optimum choice for us to pick so that we’d definitely be offered a place. Morgan suggested writing out exactly what I wanted, that we’d tinker with it if required and he would RV the text as a target to see if the data pointed towards one of the schools.

The text I wrote is as follows:

Isabelle Anderson is due to start primary school education in September 2017 and as her father I have to select three local schools in order of preference via the Kent County Council primary school admissions website by January 16th 2017.


I would be happy for her to be accepted into any of the following schools next year:


·Groombridge St Thomas’s Church of England Primary School, Corseley Road, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells

·Claremont Primary School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

·Lamberhurst St Mary’s Church of England (VC) Primary School, Lamberhurst, Kent

·Frant Church of England Primary School, Frant, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

·Mark Cross Church of England Primary School, Mark Cross, Crowborough, East Sussex

·St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, Windmill Street, Tunbridge Wells


If there is space for Isabelle to attend one or more of these schools and she is eligible under each school’s selection and admissions criteria I would like to know which, if any, is the optimum choice?

After RV’ing the target, Morgan’s report included a Stage 6 sketch and the following summary:

The primary structure identified in-session is a large stone or brick building. It has a distinctive square central section that ‘juts out’ slightly from the main facility, which is large and rectangular in construction.

Behind the main facility is an outdoor learning area. Nearby, but somehow ‘offset’ from the rest of the property is a playground area. Most notably, the entire property is surrounded by a distinctive thick, stony fence, giving an almost fortified impression.

The entire property is located on a rather busy street corner / intersection. This is a commercial area with shops nearby.

Analysis: Based upon the criteria identified in the session cue, RV-generated data is a significant best match to St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School, with no identifiable near second matches


There are several points within the report & sketch that made St Peter’s stand out as being the optimum choice compared to the others listed.


1. St. Peter’s does have a distinctive thick, stone wall surrounding which is definitely the most visible feature for anyone passing by. That Morgan said it was “Most notable” was important as it’s such a prominent feature which none of the other schools had.

2. The property is based on a very busy road where as all the other schools aren’t.

3. There is a local shop nearby, the others do not have commercial properties near them.

4. The school has a tiny garden/playground area for children in the Reception class (youngest) which Morgan sketched in the correct place in the front left of the building.

Other data that was correct, but that could also be identified in one or more of the other schools are: Main playground “offset”/”nearby”, the gated entrance, the plaque on the front wall & that there is a park nearby

St. Peter's is just 0.5 miles from our house, is our closest school and was ranked as being “Outstanding” in every area it was last assessed on by the local Education Authority. Class sizes are small with only 20 pupils per year group, our daughter’s cousin attends the school and in 2019 it’s due to relocate to a brand new building with modern facilities on a site even closer to where we live.

For these reasons it’s easy to see why St. Peter’s would be the optimum choice but prior to receiving the RV data from Morgan, we genuinely weren’t going to consider it… We were told by the Head Teacher that it would likely be a wasted choice - we're simply too far away given the high standard of the school and therefore its popularity. No one as far away as us had been offered a place for many, many years.

But with the RV data we ignored these facts & made our 3 choices in January 2017 with St. Peter’s as our 1st choice…. And April 2017 we received the fantastic news that our daughter was to be offered a place at St. Peter’s!

It transpired that of the 20 pupils to start in the Reception class, only 6 had siblings in older year groups compared to between 10-16 in previous years. Also, we believe that as the Head Mistress told so many parents they wouldn’t get a place, many didn’t put it down as a choice so applications this year were lower than usual.

In any case the RV data helped us to make the right choice - our daughter joined St. Peter’s in September 2017 and she absolutely loves it… She now has several close friends that live near to us and a group of us parents walk the kids to school whilst they scooter, it’s great to see them so happy. It’s early days as I write this, coming up for two months since she started and she’s developing very well, progressing with class activities, is popular and always comes out smiling.

Had we not benefited from the RV data then a poor school, potentially much further away from home was a very real possibility and the thought is pretty unimaginable now. We’re extremely grateful to MindMush & highly recommend their services.

By James Anderson, United Kingdom