What is RV?


02/10/2017 | 1 minutes

What is Remote viewing?

Remote viewing in its simplest form is, sensing with the mind.

This is achieved by using a structured methodology designed to stimulate the innate “Super Powers” of your unconscious mind to help solve real world problem sets.

Remote viewing enables you to retrieve data from your unconscious mind by engaging it in a particular series of questions (prompts) regarding any specific and pre-determined person, place, thing or event which results in a series of sketches and descriptors relating to the “target” of inquiry. Think of it as the conscious equivalent of an internet search engine. The only catch! You are doing it under blind conditions, therefore have no idea what the actual target is.

Remote viewing procedures originated in laboratories funded by the United States military and intelligence services and proved to be successful in the fields of intelligence gathering and espionage. It evolved over the years with the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) developed a highly structured and logical protocol and methodology to access the innate power that resides in every “normally” functioning human mind. These tools have been meticulously refined as a tool you can use in your daily life to solve problems including, but certainly not limited to: Personal health wellbeing, business, finance, predictive, past event re-creation, mysteries and enigmas, scientific and technical data transfer, or virtually anything else you can think of.

Remote viewing is a skill set that you can be taught. Like any skill set, it requires your time and input and there’s no substitute for practice.

Everyone has this unique ability, including you! MindMush can provide you with the key to unlock this inner potential. Our course contains all the resource materials required and it can be done at your pace online.

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For a more in-depth look at how the system came about see this video