QuickRV Game

Welcome to QuickRV!
QuickRV is a free game designed to assist you in discovering your innate intuitive capabilities.

This unique brain-training system encourages you to use and exercise the full power of your creative mind.

QuickRV is based upon the advanced problem solving tools known as Remote Viewing.

The QuickRV game is merely a teaser, a shortened version of the full remote viewing protocol and methodology. A session can be completed in under 5 minutes! Have fun while learning the basic concepts associated with the most powerful information collection tool available today!

By providing rapid and spontaneous responses to a series of questions, your goal is to accurately describe, and then sketch, a pre-determined target in the form of a photograph, or a set of written instructions. Your target can be any person, place, thing, or event, anywhere, at any time.

The catch is that the target is hidden and is not revealed until after your description and sketches are complete!

Keep playing QuickRV, and watch your results improve over time. You will be surprised how accurate you can be!

Just wait until you have your very own WOW moment…

Discover true power of your own mind, and imagine the possibilities…

Give QuickRV a try today - it’s free!