MindMush Research Projects

Here we endeavor to publish a selection of our research projects.

Please see the list below for further details. Some projects link to a Facebook post, some to a PDF report, and others may point to an external website. Otherwise, we will post just a short description and result of the project.


  • July 2020 (ongoing). Experimental project to use Remote Viewing to assist in Forex and Share Trading.
  • July 2020 Investiation into the Primary Cause of Rocket Labs Electron Launch Failure. Report link here
  • 2019 - 2020 (ongoing). A Project to find a method to minimize Youth Suicide Rates in Northland New Zealand. This project has a dedicated website at   www.ontheedge.org.nz
  • July 2020 Auckland Infrastructure event (Cancellation of Auckland Light Rail). Report link here
  • July 2020 Puhoi Telecom Cable. Facebook Link here
  • Jan 2020 Taharoa Mine Environmental Report. Click here to download the PDF
  • Feb 2020 Our look at the source of the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Our data indicated the source for Covid-19 showed a person in a suit (like a diver’s suit) in a pristine pressurized room. This was enough data for us to conclude the source of the virus was most likely from a laboratory setting. No further work was carried out after this.


Should you have any questions about our projects or a project concept please do not hesitate to contact Jason Webb (click here)